Google Map of My Hometown

Peachtree City is where I’ve spent most of my life. It’s where I call home. Atlanta is new and exciting, but I miss home. I miss riding by my high school in my car with the windows rolled down singing to the songs on the radio. So many memories reside in Peachtree City. The rocks at McIntosh remind me of prom, driving up to school at 11 pm and shaking spray paint cans, graduation, rites of passage. Rita’s Italian Ice reminds me of hot Georgia summers. The golf cart paths remind me of adventures with friends while the golf courses remind me of my lack of golf skills. Peachtree City will always be my home.


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  1. jessicaanncrabb
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 11:16:28

    The detail in the map of your hometown is a great addition to the overall project. Also, I feel I know more about your identity by seeing the pictures and places of your life so far. I think that all of the elements combined make up for a very successful representation of your identity. (And I loved the rock picture, that was adorable.)


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