Usage of Blogs

Why do people write blogs? Some write to share technological information on the ever expounding digital world while others write about fashion and what they like to wear on a daily basis.

One of the blogs I follow is Pretty Shiny Sparkly. The writer is a med student in Austin, Texas. She blogs about what she wears and her life. One of her blogs shared a personal message about her brother that moved me. Her brother died about a year ago. She writes about him and how much he meant to her. She talks about her brother’s disorder, “Maniac Depressive” disorder. It is a form of bipolar disorder. Some of the symptoms of this disorder are shifts from manic behavior to depression. “Maniac Depressive” disorder cannot be treated. She describes her life growing up with a brother who was different. She describes a time where she found her brother being bullied and how she stood up for him. While reading the post, I couldn’t help but tear up.

Blogs are also used as ways to release emotions. Everyone wants someone to listen to their thoughts and problems. Holding them inside one’s self causes more problems than good. Blogs give readers the ability to comment back. The comments can be negative, but the positive ones are helpful. It’s always good to know that someone out there, even in the digital world, cares.


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  1. unclefofo
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 01:51:33

    I think another reason people write blogs is to express their thoughts on a specific topic (music for example). These blogs may be about the latest song an artist put out, their opinion on an artist or song, or even to argue which genre of music is the best.


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