Self Audit

When I heard that I had to write a blog for class, I was excited. I already had a personal blog from high school, so I thought it’d be fun to have one for school. When I sat down to write my first official post for this new blog, I came to a stop, writer’s block. I’ve never had to write in my blog. I usually wrote in it when I had inspiration or something to say. All inspiration was lost when I was forced to write an entry. I see blogs as a personal way to speak to others over the internet. With the topic of technology and the digital age, I just don’t feel myself connecting to it. I know that I was born into and live in the digital age and technology surrounds me wherever I go, but I don’t know what to say about it. All my life I’ve known technology. Because of the lack of interest, I see that my blog entries have been quite short.

For the most part, my blogs are about school. Going to a technical school, it’s expected that technology would surround you. It does for the most part, but that doesn’t always mean that it works properly. Early decision announcements for GA Tech didn’t work correctly. The servers crashed at 5:00 pm the day they were announced because too many people were logging in to see if they were accepted or not. Before even getting into the school, the technology failed. The computer labs for chemistry didn’t work efficiently. It actually took them about a week to get the program up and working. The electronic pads that allow me to get into my building work about 50% of the time. A good portion of my blog talks about the failures of technology at school. Maybe it shouldn’t be expected to have efficient technology at a technical school.

I should start noticing the plus side of technology instead of the downside and start writing about it. I’m sure the technology at GA Tech is new and up and coming; I just haven’t seen much of it.


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