Cyber Bullying

Last week in class, we talked about aggressors on the web. Two weeks ago, I went home to Peachtree City. My boyfriend’s mother told me how some students at the local middle school started a website where they would categorize individuals into groups like “hottest girl and boy,” “funniest,” and some offensive ones. The local newspaper covered the story. Even though the site was eventually taken down, it still hurt the individuals who were listed on it under the offensive categories.

Cyber bullying seems like a middle school thing to do, but anyone can become a victim of it. Recently, a Rutgers student took his own life because he was bullied. Cyber bullying is not something to take lightly. It’s almost worst to have anonymous individuals over the internet bully you instead of an individual pushing you around in the halls. Who are you supposed to go to when you are bullied on the web? At least at school, you could go to a teacher or a counselor. The internet is a wide open space where you are vulnerable to anything.


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  1. msaha3
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 16:34:24

    Wow! It is incredible how early cyber bullying gets started. It is something that definitely needs to be integrated into the school system as under their jurisdiction for punishment. I think that kids need to be informed early on of the consequences of cyber bullying.


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