Cross-Eyed Jacket

After a long day of going to classes and doing homework, my eyesight gets blurry, and it’s hard to focus on an object. This started happening a couple weeks of being at Tech. I wondered why this was occurring, and I came to the conclusion that it was because I was starring at my computer too long. Much of my homework for my classes is on the internet or on the computer. In high school, I had to do my work with pencil and paper. Here, at Tech, everything is digital for ease and convenience. For the ease and convenience, I, personally, have to suffer. I can’t stare at the computer screen for more than two hours without getting a massive headache and having my eyes go out of focus. I feel sick after sitting in front of my computer too long.

It doesn’t help that I’m always on my phone staring at its screen checking my Facebook or email. It’s even more of strain on my eyes to look at a smaller screen. Native Remedies says that 50% of computer users complaining of eye strain symptoms. Digital natives need to be weary of the effects of eye strain. Eye strain can lead to headaches, vertigo, and fatigue. Take a break from the computer for ten minutes and then go back to work. It’ll help with the strain.


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