Social Network

This past weekend I finally caught up with the cool kids and watched “The Social Network.” I heard the movie was good, and I agree. My eyes were glued to the screen. I was so intrigued to know more about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. It’s so crazy that Mark Zuckerberg started the website when he was around my age. I feel like I don’t have the mental capacity to start a website where millions of people will join in. I can’t see myself owning a company by 25 and making billions of dollars, but I’m sure he didn’t either. Mark Zuckerberg started a phenomenon that my generation is in love with. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook. They check it and update it daily. Everyone knows about Facebook. On Sunday, 60 Minutes interviewed Mark and asked him if he wanted Facebook to be the face of the internet. He didn’t directly answer the question, but he said the future is unknown and he doesn’t want to predict anything. Do YOU think Facebook will be the face of the internet?


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