The Powers of Skype

This past Wednesday, I became an aunt! My sister had her baby, but I was not there to see him. On Thursday, she and I were able to Skype for a little bit while she was still in the hospital. I got to see my little nephew through the computer. It was so cool to see him since I won’t be able to see him until Christmas. The web chats are even more beneficial for my parents because they also weren’t able to be with my sister when she gave birth. They’ve been able to communicate through the webcam. The online video chats have helped my family and others with communication. Not only are you able to talk to the individual on the other end, but you are also able to see him or her.

What do you think the next invention will be with communication? Now iPhones have two cameras so that an individual can webchat another person with an iPhone or a computer. Will the next big thing be “Smell-O-Vision”? Will I be able to smell the soup my friend is eating in California? I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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